Brake Repair and Replacement


You can hardly find a driver who will be glad to discover that the brakes of his car do not work. It’s good if it happens in the garage, before the move. Otherwise, the consequences may be catastrophic.

It’s a big mistake to think that brakes can fail only in old vehicles. There are many reasons for issues. One of them is overheating of brake pads. It may happen due to overuse of the parts. Also, if a driver neglects regular tunes up, he or she may miss damaged rotor disks or other failures. Brake issues may also appear after driving through mud or water. 

The specialists of our service can also perform brake and rotor inspections to check whether the parts are OK and you can drive your vehicle safely. It’s recommended to check brakes at least once per year (of course, if all the abovementioned signs are absent).

We have all the needed tools and equipment to conduct a full and comprehensive diagnosis of the problems. If we find out that the brakes require repair or replacement, we are ready to perform the needed services.

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